OTW: Travel

My family did not travel much when I was a kid. My parents worked really hard, and taking time off meant not making money, so it just wasn’t a priority in our household. Whenever people talk about family trips I feel like I missed out on so much. So when I got older, I made […]

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OTW: APHM – Representation

When Kamala Harris gave her acceptance speech as the new Vice President of the United States and started talking about her mother, it moved me to tears. I know what it’s like to want to make my immigrant parents proud. I know what it’s like to be a professional woman in the American workforce. And […]

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OTW: APHM – Sexism

So, imagine what it’s like being a woman – you are taught specifically how to behave, dress, speak and move around in this world so that you don’t get harassed, raped, assaulted, or murdered – then add on an extra layer of racial fetishization and belittlement. That’s what it feels like for me to be […]

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OTW: APHM – Racism

As always, I’m not an expert in anything and I’m not speaking for anyone but myself here 😬 I touched on this briefly last week, but at the beginning of the pandemic my friends and I checked in with each other a lot. That’s when I first heard about Stop AAPI Hate. It was kind […]

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